The Funeral Party Spring 2017 Batch Is Now Available.

We're pleased to announce the release of four new Funeral Party releases. All four of the releases can be purchased here.

The Criminal World - Blood Money Lathe

The Criminal World play a blend of post-punk and shoegaze not unlike Lowlife, Cocteau Twins, and The Chameleons. Featuring Tobias & Conrad from Soft Kill and Nicole from Cercle Social Records. Limited to 25 copies. SOLD OUT

FearingA Life of None CS

Hailing from Oakland, California, Fearing play a style of music not usually associated with near-perfect weather and sunny beaches. Taking cues from such pioneers such as Asylum Party, Pornography-era The Cure, and The Chameleons; Fearing tackle themes of love, life, and lost morality. Limited to 98 copies. 

Jon Edifice - Jon Edifice LP

Anonymous and obscure outfit Jon Edifice offers up a deceivingly effortless and vaguely hopeful collection of striving post-punk hymns for a latent generation. This is the sound of comfortable encounters; it rolls across the eardrums and simply makes sense. There is no challenge here, what you hear is exactly what you get, it’s like showing up at the same job you have worked for the past 10 years or falling into bed at the end of the day. The problem is, once you get too accustomed to something change can be hiding just around the corner; ready to slap you across your smug face. Don’t take anything for granted, it might not be there for you in the morning. Jon Edifice is the soundtrack to taking the tried and true and making it vibrant and entertaining once again. - Sam Vince/Down and Out Zine. Limited to 300 copies with 22x28 newsprint poster inserts.

Lunacy - Beneath The Fold CS

This is a sonic walk-through of landscapes that no longer exist. This is the drip of electronic water on memories of something deep in rooms without a view. Echoes of human activity resonating in the factory chapel, the walls and sentiments covered with moss. - Roy Montgomery. Limited to 100 copies. 


Fearing's video for "Another Night" is now streaming via DIY Magazine.

Fearing's new video for "Another Night" is streaming via DIY Magazine. "Another Night" is taken from their debut EP, A Life of None, due out May 26th. 

DIY Magazine had this to say about the video: "The clip, a woozy, dark trip with flashes of colour, perfectly complements the track, the band’s take on blackened post-punk, which revolves around the booming, almost unbelievably deep vocals of James Rogers, who brings the track’s almost shoegaze-y chorus-of-sorts back down to earth." 

New Noise Magazine shares FEARING's "Beyond Light" alongside an interview with vocalist James Rogers.

Fearing's debut single "Beyond Light" is now streaming via New Noise Magazine. Check it out and read the interview here. A Life of None will be released on cassette and digital formats May 26th. 

"A Life of None plunges listeners into the murky depths, transfixing with its darkness—but not so much that you can’t dance to it." - Kelley O'Death/New Noise Magazine

Draa's latest 7" single "Even In My Dreams (All My Life)" & "Only Love" is out today! "Only Love" now streaming via Tiny Mix Tapes.

“Only Love,” the B-side to Draa’s new Funeral Party single is clean. With the clarity and depth of production of a DIIV or a Real Estate, the Arizona quartet’s new material is also awash with the moving and mercurial jangle of britpop, and with his croon and style, frontman Mac Martin wears his regard for Morrissey and The Smiths on his sleeve. But Draa don’t want to be pinned down anymore; as the group cleans up vocals and guitars in their mix, I feel that I’m not supposed to use the “s-word,” even though they still remind me a little bit of Ride"


Read more and stream "Only Love" here

Night Sins "Crystal Blue" song premier on

"Philadelphia’s Night Sins have resurrected a sound initially nursed by the doktor in Leeds, and honed in continental Europe—evolving into what highlighted those dark nights dominated by the stampede of boots on the dancefloor." -

Click here to stream "Crystal Blue" at 

Pre-orders are now live for Dancing Chrome. The first pressing is limited to 100 blue & black split and 200 black copies. 

Draa's latest single "Even In My Dreams (All My Life)" now available for pre-order.


"The Tempe band's upcoming 7" single "Even in My Dreams (All My Life)", to be released on Funeral Party Records, has those sad, catchy hooks and jangly guitars that make driving around alone late at night seem that bit more dramatic. Youthful but uncertain and confused, the song takes a more shoegaze approach to the subject of a quarter life crisis, as MacAndrew Martin's voice warbles under spacey effects." - Noisey

Pre-order edition includes a four song Part Time Punks CS and is limited to 50 copies. 

Stream here.

Pre-order here