FP-01 Night Sins - Days On Shimmer And Drip 12" EP

FP-02 Western Medication - Witch Parade 7"

FP-03 Soft Kill - Heresy CS

FP-04 Soft Kill - Selfish Love 7"

FP-05 Captive - Black Leather Glove 12" LP

FP-06 Death Bells - Death Bells 12" EP 

FP-07 Draa - Losing My Charm CS

FP-08 Missing Persons Report by Matthew Adis

FP-09 Draa - Draa 12" EP

FP-10 Garden of Mary - The Agony In Memory CS

FP-11 Savage Blind God - Skinny Lizard CS

FP-12 Draa - Even In My Dreams (All My Life) & Only Love 7"

FP-12.5 Draa - Part Time Punks 7-14-16 CS

FP-13 Lunacy - Life We Choose To Follow CS

FP-14 Savage Blind God - Demo CS

FP-15 Rotgut God - Hope For Higher Heaven CS

FP-16 Night Sins - Dancing Chrome 12" LP

FP-17 Jon Edifice - Jon Edifice LP

FP-18 Chain of Flowers - Part Time Punks 8/8/16 CS

FP-19 Lunacy - Beneath The Fold CS

FP-20 Fearing - A Life Of None CS

FP-21 The Criminal World - Blood Money 7" Lathe Cut

FP-22 Death Bells - Standing At The Edge Of The World LP

FP-23 NOTHING - Poshlost 12" 

FP-24 Fearing - Black Sand 12"

FP-25 Glaare - To Deaf And Day CS

FP-26 The Column - The Column 7" Lathe Cut

FP-27 Lace - Human Condition LP

FP-28 Death Bells - Echoes b/w Move Through Me 7"

FP-29 The Column - Oracle LP

FP-30 Night Thoughts - The Complaint 12"

FP-31 Buzz Kull - New Kind of Cross LP

FP-32 Death Bells - Part Time Punks Sessions CS